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Home Services offers a wide range of services, all at a low cost, including :
  • ico-development_ser10.png Development Work  
    User friendly reports mean a lot to the productivity of the company. "Navision Support" takes on board your unique development requirements and prepares a functional specification document. Once this has been signed off, development work will be undertaken for the number of hours quoted. As an alternative, we provide development work at a fixed rate of just £199 per day.
  • ico-document_ser11.png Documentation  
    "Navision Support" will provide documentation that is easy to follow by anyone. This documentation will enable a more efficient service, as well as speeding up future upgrades and helping to enhance your understanding of Navision.
  • ico-custom-modification_ser12.png Custom Modifications  
    In order to fit the gaps and address your special needs we do custom modifications. Dynamics NAV is specifically designed to provide the rapid modifications required to facilitate the custom solutions and cater to each industry specific business need.
  • ico-database_ser13.png Database Auditing & Code Review  
    If you are encountering performance issues database auditing is an important aspect that needs to be analysed. Analysis is done to examine the database environment to check if the databases are configured properly. Auditing would also be provided to see if the transactions are reflecting in the financials correctly. Code Review involves reviewing the custom code in order to improve performance and increase stability while reducing the operating costs.
  • ico-addons_ser14.png Add-on's  
    If you don't find a software package that suits your specific needs, then there are custom solutions that will often provide the solution. Along with supporting industries specific to manufacturing, distribution, general business and service Dynamics NAV has been supported with many industry specific add-on’s to expand the suitability of NAV to many other industry sectors. If you already have Add-on’s and are experiencing problems, many of these issues can be resolved by installing the latest updates to NAV and other third party Add-on's.
  • ico-training_ser15.png Training  
    All employees in the organisation who use the system must be trained thoroughly, as this is essential for increased productivity within the organisation. It is often difficult for users to learn by just visualising the process rather than looking at the transactions. As a result of this, training has to be conducted on the database that contains actual data.

    For a better quality of work you can choose to get all the users trained or to save an extra money by just getting the key users trained, who in turn can train the end users.

    You can choose from web based training, instructor led training and training through the use of the manuals.
    However, you can cut down the training costs to a large extent by undergoing our online training which will be available on demand.
    • End user training: Is intended to provide end users with knowledge about core functionality required to perform their activities smoothly by making efficient use of NAV system.
    • Super user training: Provides the detailed training required to enhance the overall functional knowledge of the process and the background scenario with in the NAV system. This user who gets trained thoroughly can in turn train end users.
  • ico-upgrade_ser16.png Upgrade  
    Upgrade your system to experience a more user friendly system with added functionality and roles. Choose a Technical Upgrade if you want to install the new version of Dynamics NAV without upgrading the actual objects or data. Choose an Application Upgrade if you want to update the code, converting the structure of the existing data to the structure of a newer version.

    Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 would enable companies to manage their business, including finance, manufacturing, sales, shipping, project management, services, and more. It helps small and mid-sized organizations to automate and streamlines business processes. Companies can easily add functionality that is relevant to the region of operation, and that is customized to support even highly specialized industries.
  • ico-ongoing-support_ser17.png Ongoing support  
    We offer fixed cost annual support, as well as offering ongoing support whereby issues can be raised using a tickets system and are then charged according to the time and complexity of the work involved.
    • Annual support: We charge 30% less than what market charges for annual hotline support. We work as a team in hand by resolving the issues over phone or through email. In case any development works is needed it is charged either on the fixed monthly cost basis or at a rate of £199 per day.
    • Interim Support: Navision support will help you in developing reports or any other developments you feel are necessary even after post-implementation. You can approach for these kind of interim works as and when required.
  • ico-data-migration_ser18.png Data migration  
    Data migration is an important step that requires careful consideration of import parameters and essential data transfer. There are many challenges to consider during data migration which include: application performance issues; technical compatibility issues; data corruption/ data loss; and application downtime etc. Following our best practices, which incorporate planning, technology implementation and validation, we prevent the problems that impact business operations during data migration.
  • ico-report-writing_ser19.png Report Writing  
    Business needs and requirements change in order to add value to the processes it undertakes. This requires new developments to be in place to cater for these requirements. caters for your report requirements with new user friendly Reports, alongside the documentation, at a very affordable price. If you require any additional services or have any further queries regarding Navision, then please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will try our utmost to accommodate your needs.